What is My Home Worth?

Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:

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  • Presenting your home in its best light by enhancing its appearance and highlighting its features.
  • Maximizing market exposure by deploying professional marketing resources and "top of the web" internet tools.
  • Retaining professional marketing and sales management experience.

Following are my suggestions on how you can prepare your home for the market and maximize its potential:


Unless your home is nearly new, you will likely want to do some work to make it "Market Ready."  Your improvements will depend on the condition of the home, amount of time you have, and the price you ask. As a general rule, stick to light, neutral colors. Keep your yard and all rooms free of clutter. Remember, when a buyer looks at a house, he or she is trying to imagine living there. Create as clean a canvas as possible, ensuring the buyer's first impression is favorable.

Here are a few low-cost ways to present your home in the best light:

  • Curb Appeal: An immaculate yard/lawn, picture-perfect trimmed trees and shrubbery, flower bed charm, potted plants at the front door - put them all together, and drive-by shoppers will probably want to see the rest of the house.
  • Start Packing: Clean-out the clutter by starting your move now - before you sell. Clear as much from your walls, shelves and counter tops as you can. Give your prospects plenty of room to dream.
  • Storage: Target a low-use area such as the basement, spare room, or storage container for temporary storage. Throw out, recycle, give away, or sell your unwanted stuff at KSL.com, Deseret Industries or at a garage sale. Also remove furniture pieces that encumber living space or conflict with decor.
  • Clean, scrub and polish: Take the time or hire a cleaning service for a sparkling fine clean. Address floors, carpet, tile, baseboards, light fixtures, faucets, bath fixtures, shower surrounds, shelving, counter tops, hardware and appliances. Clean walls, doors, woodwork, and all blinds, windows and sills.
  • Organize and sweep: all garage and basement area, and deck, patio and walkways.
  • Yard: Declutter entire yard by hauling off junk, debris, limbs, etc. Organize yard equipment, tools, hoses, garbage cans, and recreation items into garage, utility building, and storage bays. 


Certain higher-cost home improvements will add value and speed to the sale of your house:


  • Kitchen remodeling (updating the entire kitchen is best, however just new counter tops, appliances, or flooring helps). 
  • Updating bathrooms with new flooring, tile, paint/wall coverings, fixtures, and/or faucets.
  • Finishing basement space.
  • Interior painting, using light or uniform neutral colors.
  • Updating to neutral carpet color and selective use of tile and hardwood.
  • Adding closet organizing systems.


  • Repair and touch up trim
  • Pay special attention to the appearance and functionality of exterior doors, especially the front door.
  • Add or update outside entertainment patio or deck.
  • Repaint of replace mailbox if it shows signs of wear.

(Do not expect to receive a full return of your investment for improvements that are a matter of personal taste, such as wet bars, fireplaces, swimming pools, utility buildings, etc.)

Get a jump on the home inspection process by identifying your home's flaws or problems. Your buyer will hire a home inspector to identify problems - the inspector is paid to find everything he can that needs fixing. Repair or replace things now you know should be fixed.


Improve your home's emotional appeal by:

  • Lighting: Open all blinds to maximize room light and turn on room lighting as needed. Turn on full room lighting and maximize exterior lighting for evening showings. 
  • Freshen: Draw the buyer into the home with a clean smell. New paint, carpet, or freshening aromas such as lemon oil or wax, a dish of vanilla in a warm oven (scent of baked cookies), baked gingerbread, or a new coat of polyurethane to hardwood work well. You must avoid strong cooking, pet, tobacco, and petroleum odors.
  • Bathrooms: Maintain fresh towels and throw rugs. Purchase a new shower curtain. Unclog drains.
  • Closets: Straighten all clothing and closet storage items. 
  • Refrigerator: Clear everything off your refrigerator, leaving a clean slate.
  • Flowers & Pillows: Accent your room decors with colorful flowers and pillows.
  • Comfort: Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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If you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, I invite you to consider my 35 years of experience, dedication and commitment to the successful and profitable sale of your home. As an agent who's an expert in the Salt Lake City/Wasatch Front area, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Take advantage of Coldwell Bankers's broad spectrum of technologies and tools to support the sale of your home from start to close. Since most home buyers start their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. You'll gain enhanced placement on Google, UtahRealEstate.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, KSL.com, and hundreds of other websites. 

 My approach to the sale of your property empowers these steps:

  • Extensive property evaluation to identify the qualities of your home.
  • Establishment of marketing goals based on your priorities.
  • Current market research with shared evaluation to establish the offering price.
  • Comprehensive day-by-day marketing plan to maximize market exposure.

To find out more about selling your home, please contact me directly by phone (801-573-4100) or email for consultation.

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When we have successfully put your home under contract with a buyer you will be asked to share your knowledge of the condition of your property. Under the Seller Disclosure provisions of the Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) you are required to provide the buyer the following documentation:

  • Written and signed property condition disclosure using a standard form that conveys your knowledge of the condition of the structural, mechanical, and other material aspects of the home.
  • Lead-based Paint Disclosure and Acknowledgement form if the property was constructed prior to 1978.
  • Commitment for Title Insurance (arrange through a title company).
  • Copy of any Restrictive Covenants (CC&R's), rules and regulations affecting the property.
  • Copy of the most recent minutes, budget, and financial statement for the home owners' association if one exists.
  • Copy of any long-term tenant lease or rental agreements affecting the property not expiring prior to closing.
  • Copy of any short-term booking schedule (as of the Seller Disclosure Deadline as set in the purchase agreement) for guest use of the property after closing.
  • Copy of any existing property management agreements affecting the property.
  • Evidence of any water rights and/or water shares referenced in the purchase agreement.
  • Written notice of any claims and/or conditions known to you relating to environmental problems.
  • Any known building or zoning code violations.
  • Written acknowledgement if seller is a "foreign person" under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA), advising the buyer they may be subject to withholding of income tax.

I will assist you with securing and transmitting these documents to the buyer. Please be aware that the intent of "Seller Disclosure" is for you, the seller, to convey your knowledge of the the condition of the property. You are only required to disclosure what you "currently know" about the property, including any defects. Most buyers retain a home inspector to "discover" defects and accordingly present those items to you with the request for remedy prior to closing. You have the option to hire an inspector prior to the sale should you wish to first identify and repair possible defects.